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Nick and Adele's fantastic Florida holiday villa! 2 miles from Disneyworld.
Anti-social behaviour order for this area - new police and government initiative!
Map - click on the link and put M29 in the search box for a street map of the area

Planning applications on Astley Hall Drive - click on the link and type Astley Hall Drive in site address box

Maps - how to get here.

Directions to Astley Hall Drive - from the M6
Directions to Astley Hall Drive - from Manchester

Wigan council meeting regarding the yellow lines plan (point 406)

Council meeting minutes

Council report into the proposal for yellow lines.

Director of Engineering's report

Submissions about the parking proposals - including letters for and against the yellow lines.

Copies of letters- this is a pdf file
Movie that was submitted to Wigan MBC to illustrate parking problems. Parking Movie - this is a 476k Flash movie